A hub with spokes

We tailor programmes in accordance with organisations inclination and time. We will work on groundbreaking ideas with a strong emphasis placed on self improvement and group cohesiveness. Our primary aim is to help nurture potential and provide people with the tools necessary to facilitate lasting changes. We believe that any presenting adverse condition can be transformed into solutions that are much closer to our needs.

In the workplace  (we don’t do paint balling)

“Ultimately, work on self is inseperable from work in the world. Each mirrors the other; each is a vehicle for the other. When we change ourselves, our values and actions change as well. When we do work in the world, internal issues arise that we must face or be rendered ineffective.”  Charles Eisenstein

Often in the workplace, due to a variety of ongoing internal and external pressures, creativity can be stifled. When creativity is actualised within a person, their energy and enthusiasm for life increases dramatically, this in turn produces a much more positive outlook, leading to greater harmony within the workplace and fewer days absent from work due to stress related illness.
We actively encourage continual development of personal creativity, responsibility and most importantly techniques to remain happier, longer! Imagine a workplace where people actually look forward to going to work.

In Education

“Many highly talented, brilliant, creative people think they’re not,  because the thing they were good at school wasn’t valued, or was actually stigmatised.”   Ken Robinson

Freeclarity works hard to provide positive progression routes for students from all levels of education.
Our programmes compliment existing remits of schools and colleges in order to maximise student learning through focusing primarily on creative thinking and stress management.
Freeclarity aims to assist all students to develop engagement and transition skills. We enable this through the creation of an inspirational learning student environment. We endeavour to encourage responsibility, empowerment of beliefs and respect of contributions and values.
This is accomplished through our A.I.M.S Model:
Achievement: We encourage students to relate to achievement as an intrinsic part of their personality.

Inquisitiveness: We invite students to continually question the reasons why we engage in any given activity. This encourages deep learning of the practical relevance of the projects we undertake.

Motivation: We support the development of self-esteem, promoting autonomy, leadership and ways to improve co-operative relationships.

Strategies: (For coping) Assist with the transformation of difficulties into solution orientated paths.
Our programmes equip students with tools to aid the necessary transitions from school to further/ higher education to employment. We act as animateurs breathing life into projects in ways that champion taking creative risks. We always frame our work within the context of celebrating diversity, encouraging a commonality of responsibility and integrity as well as an ongoing commitment to positive change

In the community

“When we flee our vulnerability, we lose our full capacity for feeling emotion.”   Dr Gabor Mate

 Freeclarity’s collaborators have been working directly for many years, with some of the most disadvantaged groups in our society. In doing this they have consistently discovered that the most powerful and effective approach to enabling positive changes is to see the person/community as expert. Therefore, enabling people to access their creativity potential and use their own unique language is central to the ethos of Freeclarity’s work.

Our collaborators bring along a wealth of experience:  working with young people, supporting those with drug and alcohol problems and mental health issues, film making, script writing, drama, art, counselling and therapeutic work.

The techniques we use in our work with communities can include meditation and mindfulness, Solution Focused Therapy and coaching, Art Therapy, harm reduction techniques, advice and advocacy work as well as project management.

There is a growing disconnect in society between those in more fortunate positions and those suffering the effects of poverty, homelessness and various kinds of abuse. When we distance ourselves from those that need our assistance, ultimately we isolate ourselves from qualities which are intrinsic to our sense of wholeness, wellbeing and healing, this is both to our own and societies detriment.
Freeclarity acts as a vessel, promoting deeper connection to and understanding of the plight of vulnerable groups. We do this in ways that try to foster empathy and consistently challenge prevailing negative media stereotypes.

Freeclarity is currently working in collaboration with Mouthpiece productions, hosting a series of talks at Regather Sheffield to re-connect communities with their radical histories. Recent speakers include Dr Anandi Ramamurtny author of ‘Black Star: Britain’s Asian Youth Movements’ (Pluto Press, 2013) and Matloub Husain Ali Khan, an original member of the Sheffield Asian Youth Movement.

Dr Anandi Ramamurtny and Matloub Hussein Ali Khan (pictured) at a recent talk

 at Regather Sheffield, organised by Mouthpiece productions and Freeclarity